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Application of NetRail system on a plant in order to better the press of cars' features.

Divisione Elco Srl NetRail system (net communication on band) is used to interface the administrator system.  This last administrator receives temperatures from the moving press ruling the same in the meantime through distance.

Site of application: United States of America


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Electronic revamping of an old EMS plant

Divisione Elco Srl has just ended the revamping of an old storage picking plant, working with an EMS in a textile company.

Click on the following link to see the video:

Picking from cottons storage area

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New infrared hand keypad

New pocket infrared keypad for manual management of EMS trolleys

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DIVISIONE ELCO SRL takes part of the Barcellona fair showing an EMS example with forward and backward commands

DIVISIONE ELCO SRL takes part of the Barcellona fair showing an EMS example with commands of forward, backward and positioning performed by a laser position reader.


Example for a Barcellona cottons fair

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Foreground plant - Servo Assembly line

On 11/08/2011 on the web site of a famous online newspaper you could read about a new car mounting plant in Maranello. You can have access following this link:

Management of bending hooks movements (that move cars during mounting operations) has b…

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NetRail System used for the new Panda production planning plant

Production planning plant for the new Panda, Pomigliano establishment.

The aereal transport system for the movement manage is made through the "NETRAIL" communication interface.


The "NETRAIL" system was designed and built by Divivione Elco in touch with the electronic departement of politechnical Institute of Turin.

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Ems with induction in a paper Mill in Mannheim (Germany)

Click on the following links to see the video:                   

1. Ems supplied with induction in a paper factory in Germany

2. Ems supplied with induction in a paper factory in…

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