Transport in assembly line


Transport in assembly line

DIVISIONE ELCO can supply particular ems system: incase of transport in assembly line, the plant can be divided into two paths:

1) External from assembly line of elements: trolleys run with speeds, fitted on the plant track. Each track is commanded to communicate to the trolley the right path speed. With track we intend bents, changes, rectilinear path and waiting area.

2) Internal the assembly line of elements: trolleys run with a very slow speed, which can be set whenever the operator needs. Along these tracks  trolleys autorule themselves correcting their own speed using the feedback given by a linear encoder (holled bar, barcode, data matrix or others). Along these very slow path, the operator can work on the carried elments/materials.


The system is appreciated for the following reasons:

Modularity: during an average, we can wotk on the faulting appareil.                                            
Flexibility: trolleys can be managed with different speeds in the plant tracks                                    
Silence: compared with the chain system it's really more silent.