The offer of products is divided into two main categories:


EMS System

In this section you can find products and solutions for the movement of materials on electrified rail.
Products go from simple mechanical devices (rail, hanging system, trolleys, etc... ) to appareils (trolleys, path switchers, traslators) to the electric and electronic devices (control boxes), to the control and management movement system.


Battery-free AGV

Inductive power supply AGV. The AGV system is based on trolleys which run on wheels. Our solution avoids the use of batteries, their recharge and waste disposal.


Our solutions

In this section you can find a list of the main EMS transport solutions developped by our team and ready to be supplied. We always follow the direct exigence of our customer who can change our standards showed in this area.


Special Projects / Services

Our company has got the skills and know-how to offer technical solutions to different kind of problems. Every year we are engaged in important search and innovation developments. In this section you can find some of the main projects and solutions worked by our team. You can find also what normally is ready to be offered and supplied.

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