About us


Divisione elco Srl was created at the beginning of 1980 performing as the division of a preexisting electrotechnical society.

Keeping in touch with a piedmont company, it works for the project and realization of automotive plants in different sectors but in particular in the automotive backgrounds.
It began to build the first automatic transport systems, moving on aerial rails. From the beginning of 1990 its target on plant installations was transformed into the activity of project and building of systems and electronic appliances linked to internal areas transports, to logistic and to developing systems.

Nowadays Divisione Elco Srl is present in the main automotive world groups. In particular, the production of control appliances for the aerial transport on rail (EMS) counts thousands of units, from the easiest ones used for the transport of materials, to the most complex ones that manage different movements for the handling of cars in mounting lines.

Further than transport appliances, Divisione Elco Srl is involved in special projects created on a high performing technology. From these studies Divisione Elco Srl saw the birth of projects for press machinery, automatic storage areas for the pharmaceutical sector, developing systems for the dairy sector and many others.

Our society kept through years a flexible and simple structure, trying to underline its own resources and to have links with other qualified companies working in different industrial sectors.
Every year we employ our resources for the research , in order to offer always the most updated technology. From the half of 1990 Divisione Elco Srl is a lab authorized by Industrial and Research Ministery, thanks to this important step, it can develop research project for other societies in order to create a technological knowledge transfer between companies.

Photo Gallery

  • Divisione Elco - SOLUZIONE_GENERALE
  • Divisione Elco - Maserati plant  1985-1986
  • DIVISIONE ELCO srl Automotore EMS Logistica Monorotaia Monorail